Lapua 156 gr Ammo

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Thanks I Farticus, thinking of getting them for next season for Red's and Sika, what price are they in the UK, they are new to me and not available to my knowledge over here. but can be got elsewhere.

I. Farticus

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I had mine loaded for me, so have no idea what a box of factory ammo would be I'm afraid... Best bet is to reach out to a gun shop near where you'll be stalking, and ask them to get some in for you


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I have heard reports of little or no expansion on smaller deer, don't know if this is in combination of behind shoulder shots/ shortened barrels for moderators. I know that the factory loads are fairly pedestrian in velocity :)


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I loaded some 150gr Mega's for my .308. They were easily the most accurate homeload I have managed to produce but I had several very noticeable ricochettes that scared the c**p out of me; so I stopped using them and pulled the rest of the loaded rounds. A good friend also had some factory loaded Megas that had the same problem. The lack of expansion mentioned above and their habit of ricochetting off into the distance suggests they may have a hard core. I wouldn't use them again.


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The guys I know over with you use lighter bullets on sika. Around the 120gr in 6.5x55. I've heard the heavier bullets in that calibre tend to pencil the sika as they were intended for moose.


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Thanks i think i might give them a miss.

120 grain are ideal for sika and will also work well on Red deer. Meath Red deer been small! a 140 grain bullet would also be good choice.
Norma 140 grain are expensive but from my experience a great round. I use 120 grain for Sika and never had any issues.



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Out of my t3 6.5 × 55 20 inch barrel only getting 2320 fps never used them on deer didn't think they would expand enough at that speed also not deer legal at that speed in some parts of the country.