Lapua ammunition

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Having recently purchased a new rifle (Sako 85 S/S 30-06) I am trying different types of factory ammunition to find the most suitable, any ideas ? Does anyone know where I can purchase Lapua expanding ammunition ?

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Iwas lucky enough to get some from the sportsman, paignton recently for my 6.5x55, but they dont generally keep it in stock, down here trying to get Lapua or Hornandy is like finding rocking horse poop.
Generally i think you will have to order it, or is this only the norm in Cornwall. :rolleyes:


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I used Lapua 140 grain 6.5x55 soft nosed for a while. Good reliable ammo but a little heavy on the carcass damage. I got my Lapua bullets from Minsterley Ranges, Shropshire. £17.00 a box.

I use Sako bullets in my Tikka T3's 243 and 308 and they work very well with very little carcass damage.
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