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Having done level 2, gralloching separate to individual culls would not have counted towards the final assessment, unless things have changed. I'm sure others will comment on the price being charged.

Just clarify this for everyone,
The portfolio Evidence towards the level two is what is mentioned (which is important in the portfolio for past evidence) not necessarily evidence for an ICR. However, If a member of the group, who is level two registered with a portfolio, and grallochs the whole deer and preps it to enter the food chain to the standard meeting the criteria, then it certainly can be recorded in the portfolio for element three and element 4.

The stalk and despatch can be done in separate outings, that has always been the case, easch element is separate and can be completed separately at different times. best regards.
I tend to agree with egg and frank. Can someone clarify this as it may go towards as extra evidence as wood a previous diary or cull records, but I'm of the same opinion that ICR has to be beginning of stalk to food chain?
As an AW I can confirm that Roe stalker is correct in what he has said. In fact I am pretty sure I am correct that this has always been the case. You can undertake a partial sign off of whether it be the stalk, and or the larder work.

Furthermore I am aware that Roestalker is a qualified assesor with BASC and comes highly recommended by another BASC assesor who is a friend of mine.



Level 1 & 2 and AW.
Further explanation to help and to clarify the confusion.

Each Level 2 portfolio has 4 elements - 1) Stalk deer 2) Cull deer 3) Perpare and inspect deer 4) Transport and store deer

Each element can be done at different times and witnessed by different AW's they do not have to be all done on one outing, for eg. If a candidate stalked a deer right up to the point of shooting it and then it moved off the shot could not be taken :(
element 1 can certainly be filled in and PC 1.1 to 1.6 signed, Element two in this situation cannot and will have to be done at a different time. The same applies for each element of the portfolio, if a deer is dispatched but the candiudates gralloch and prep work is not up to the standard required then each PC in element 2 can be signed but not elements 3 & 4 which will have to be done at another time.

This applies to a larder course, attendance alone can be used as past evidence but not for completeing elements 3 & 4 however, if during the course a member of the group were to carry out the whole gralloch, prep and transportation to the larder on one of the carcasses available, witnessed by an AW, and their work was up to the appropriate standard, then that can be used for element 3 & 4 despite the fact that they have not stalked or dispatched the deer. Element 1 & 2 would have to be done at a. separate time with an AW and the AW can be different people too
I Hope that helps everyone that may be interested, best regards.
After passing dsc1 and watching numerous gralloching dvds I was still very nervous about entering deer into the food chain. I attended one of roestalkers courses and it gave me a lot of confidence, it helped better understand all the theory from dsc1. It may not be for everyone but if you are a novice the hands on training could prove very useful before going out alone.