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Pete E

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I've asked this a few months ago, but never really got a definitive answer.

Does anybody know if its acceptable to use glavanised steel in a larder, if the larder is going to be inspected and approved under the latest regulations?

I know stainless steel is prefered, but a friend has a stainless steel sink and work table that both have glav steel legs/frames to them...

Although the galv parts won't be in direct contact with carcass, I'm still not sure if galv would be acceptable or not?


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I guess it depends on what you intend to make ? Like you say sink legs or the likes i would have thought would be ok.

Something ide like to know as well so will follow with interest.

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Monkey Spanker

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Pete, I am sure that would be fine. Section 11 of the guide says that equipment must be clean and washable/sterilisable which it is. It is also not going to come into direct contact with the carcass either. Best thing to do is to get them to look at it or just call them? I found them most helpful.
The only thing I got slightly caught out on what what I wore and where it was washed! A standard butchers apron that goes in the washing machine was all that was required though. :)


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Galv frames and legs are acceptable as long as the galv is in good order and you don't have any major rusting/corrosion as is can harbour bacteria.

There are major sales of catering equipment run around the country on a fairly regular basis, as the catering industry has one of the most prevalent business failure rate going. You can pick up virtually every thing you need at the larger sales for very little money.


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one of the problems with galvanising in the food industry is that a lot of the cleaning products cause furring of the galvanise, which in turn may get into the food chain. You need to be aware of the properties of your cleaning fluids.
We use a product called sola-bac from clover chemicals which is non corrosive and is suitable for wash down as well as general cleaning and is food safe..


Pete E

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Thanks for the replies gents...

Griff, thanks for the recommendation...I use a sanitizing detergent from the local Cash and Carry, but it can be quite harsh on some materials such as aluminium...Once its finished, I'll see if I can pick some of that up..




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I have 3 seperate refirgerated larders now on 2 of my estates & also a larger one back at our cutting/processing plant.

These have all been fitted with galved box section hanging rails & they have all been fully approved by the EHO & FSA.

A good mate from PD Highseats builds them for us, he advertises in sporting rifle I think & to be honest they were a fraction of the cost of fitting stainless ones.

Regs Lee