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I'm hopefully going to start going out stalking soon (depending on the outcome of my DSC1 assessment next weekend that is), but I was wondering what you guys and gals do for a larder, or where you prepare/store the carcasses when you get home.

I havent got the space to get a proper larder, so I'm wondering whats the best way round this?



widows son

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Garden shed ,kitchen ask the local butcher ,take the jacket of it and let him prepare it for a small cost ,would be your best bet ,untill your more into it and see where your going to take your stalking .


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Half and half with my butcher. Doesn't mind me dropping off on a Sunday evening. I travel 230 miles from a (worst case) morning kill over 4 hours to him. Frozen water bottles in the carcass. Usually earlier kills chilled.

He makes up MY sausages to my liking. He EATS my venison privately. He makes burgers and pies for Joe Public.

Remember, butchers/bakers/fishmongers KNOW.

I get the better cuts of cow/pig/sheep with "a nod".