Last day of the birds season


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Good evening folks - not deer but I hope you don't mind.

Im just taking a break from preparing the birds from our beaters day yesterday.

A good day was had by all, I took 2 partridge, 3 pheasant and 3 duck.

Not as many birds as i'd like (my fault for missing!) but the company was great and the hospitality afterwards was 1st rate as usual - the head keeper and his wife really look after us.

Apart from the very good company, the best part of the day for me was the fortune to have my favourite peg on my favourite drive, for the last hurrah of the day.
Imagine a good sized mature mixed wood, you are stood in the middle facing a bank gently sloping up to 20 feet high in front of you.
Between you and the bank is a burbling brook, which creates just enough space to have open sky above you.
The birds come at a varying height of between 10 and 40 yards, and because you tend to see them a bit late, its good quality reaction shooting.

Luckily for me there were several better shots, so ive got two brace each of pheasant, partridge, duck and wood pigeon, ive done the woodies and pheasant - now for the others.

Now the game season is over it'll be time to concentrate on predator control on the estate - im looking forward to it although I hope it warms up a bit because waiting for the duck last night was painful!

Ive had no luck finding a job yet (made redundant just before Christmas), but on the plus side when my rifle arrives in two weeks i'll have time to practice practice practice shot placement and get some stalking done - now that really is something to look forward to.