Last doe this season


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This is a doe kid I got in January on the rape field (season here ends early, so it was the last one for me). It was pretty windy, but I got out anyway. I thought I could still find some deer in the sheltered corner of the field. I wanted to get to the high seat, but deer were coming out already so I stayed at the edge of the field and some bushes behind me. The deer were coming nicely my way and all I had to do was to wait a bit and pull the trigger.
I had rifle on sticks, so pushed the trigger forward setting it... waited for the kid to pause broadside and pulled the trigger... and nothing. Safety was still on... :doh: Just another one of my cock ups :rolleyes:
They heard the click and were about to run, but due to wind stayed put for a little longer and I eventually managed to get the safety off and got the one I wanted...

Shooting deer with a 7x64 rifle - Polowanie na kozy z podchodu - YouTube