Last nights footie.


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I doubt there will be a better match to watch than Italy Belgium last night in the Euros. Italy were playing the Beautiful Game in a way we rarely see these days and apart from the occasional rolling about on the ground after suffering a severe injury which amazingly they recovered from in seconds they were a joy to watch. Hopefully England’s game tonight will be as entertaining but I have my doubts. Winning may be everything these days but I want to be entertained in the process.


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Italy were fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed the game appart from the last 10 minutes when the old italian gamesmanship slowed the game 😎


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England were pretty special tonight.
Dam right they were Drum...ive suffered like the rest of our nation the heartache at the losses and the penalty shoot out failers...the near misses and the bad luck that seemed to dog us...that got blown away tonight as ukraine were blown away 4-0...i now truely believe we will face Italy in the final at Wembley and we will win and once again be a great football nation...H.