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I have been stalking on a farm in the same village I live in north of Bristol for the past year.
I started off with an air rifle some 6 years ago and worked my way up from air rifle to FAC for FAC air and 22LR.
There were some foxes near to me and I was getting fed up with stalking them down to 50 yards with a 22 I took a look at a centrefire,
I decided to go for a deer gun to save on training course costs rather than a 222 then maybe later to a 243.
I have shot 8 deer this year just gone, 5 Roe and one Muntjac and two Fallow, there are still quite a few around from the tracks in the fields.
I have seen 12 Fallow on the one bit of the farm which has them. Escapees from the Berkley or Hill estates perhaps?
I use the Severnside range for practise as the farmer regards Sunday as his day of rest.
Just starting with reloading, still getting all the bits together over Christmas.
I tend to lurk more than I post, reading posts of others for info and tips.
What has surprised me is the money side of stalking, people say I'm lucky to have it for nought, but I am de facto the pest controller on the farm with the deer being the bonus.


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hi jack,welcome to the site,im quite new to the site myself but it seems there a friendly and helpful bunch.seems youve landed on your feet with the local stalking you have, if you need a hand any time just pm me im only a novice but willing to learn. andy