late night intruders

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Hi all,
A few nights ago one of my neighbors was burgled, they cleared out his garden shed of all his power tools,
So, Thursday night i'm fast asleep (actually about 3am) and the missus wakes me up and says 'Max's barking and has been for ages'
Now Max (12 month old Lab) is in kennels outside and never barks, so i look out of the window and sure enough he is growling and snarling at something down the side of the house.
on goes a pair of jeans and down the stairs i run, quietly open the conservatory door and sneak outside, Max doesn't even look at me he's just growling at something down the side of the house. Then i hear crunch crunch on the gravel path that runs between my house and the neighbors.
Back inside the house grab a maglite and sneak out through the front door, after a while listening to the noises i decide to make my move,
I jump out from the side of the house ready to confront whoever it was,
only to see 2 F*****G headghogs pushing Maxs food bowl along the Path.
Oh how i laughed, unfortunately so did my neighbor who was watching through his landing window.
I know its got nothing to do with stalking but it tickled me.



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The thought was there, thats' all that matters....

Don't knnow if I would have had the Balls to risk confrontation though, especially with todays youth culture.


PS. That did make me laugh just a little. ;)


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So can we conclude from this that said hedgehogs are now baking slowly in the oven covered in clay.
That`ll learn em for making a fool out of you. :lol:



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that made me chuckle..

similar thing happened to me last night actually; i ran to the back door brandishing a piece of sharp metal and heroically thrust it into the keyhole and turned :lol:


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Many years ago my parents were burgled, my brother got wind of some gear that was up for sale. Apparently, the description fitted the goods taken from my parents. My brother caught the kid selling something in the pub and duly smashed his hand on the pool table with a claw hammer. The kid never regained the full use of his hand.
Now that`s what i call justice.

Thankfully, your experience turned into a false alarm, but i bet you were bricking it though.


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Must be the time of year, A mate phoned to day to say that some toe rag was trying to break into his kennels last night untill he opened a window to see why the dogs were barking. Last seen, he was running across the fields next to his place my mate just wishes his dogs were bigger then they are (patterdale)as he would have loved to have let them have a go

I guess we all need to be vigilant



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Had my motor broke into a week ago they only got away with a sat nav they was disturbed by the guy next door going out doing an early airport run good job as mine and the o/h's binos was in there,[dont usually leave things like that in there], got a bloody good idea who the scum were its just prooving it and putting up with the fallout which quite honestly l can do without, anyway as l say every dog has his day and what goes around comes around :D
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