Available: Late Notice Tahr Cull

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Hi All

We have a late notice Tahr Cull available for this coming September. The hunt includes pick up and drop off form Christchurch, accommodation, food and as many female Tahr as you can shoot. If my memory serves me correctly then the guide told me they cull 200+ per year but that is not to say that you will manage that in 5 days, (you might have fun trying though!!) :)

You can buy your own drinks on the way to camp.

The hunt does not include Flights, ammo, tips, any cost incurred to travel with firearms, and personal expenses.

We have only 4 spaces available on this for 2 groups hunting 2x1.

It is a 7 day trip, 6 nights with 5 full days hunting. Suggested dates are 17th to 23rd arrival and departure days. Other dates are available and we may have the ability to do two weeks of hunting.

Cost is £2750 per hunter inclusive.

Trophy Bull Tahr can be added for £3,250

Flights are running at about £1,100. We have an account with Virgin Atlantic who can fly you to Auckland and connect from there I am happy to help arrange flights.

If you are interested in this then please email me at Kiri@AthinaSporting.com or call me on the office number 020 8289 3322


Fallow Buck

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Dates look like they have set on the week of 24th Sep.

Three spaces have gone and one left.

A second week is potentially available on dates to suit, I am just waiting for confirmation of the cull numbers available to make sure there is enough fun to go round!!

If this one is filled we will be booking for the same thing next year, so it gives us a chance to plan ahead.



Fallow Buck

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Looks like this is all sold out now.

We should have some pics and video when the team gets back.

I'm not taking firm bookings for 2015 until this group gets back but I have two already pencilled in, adding in feral goat culling for a couple of days.