Le Chameau "Kotkor" gaiters...


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1st impressions - not good.

After several years hard beating (brambles & barbed wire included) my ex army goretex gaiters finally died so, after some investigation, I bought the above gaiters.

Used them beating this past Friday and Saturday (in not too arduous environments) - and had wet trouser legs :(

Could be condensation - but definitely damp.

Any one else experienced this with these gaiters? For "waterproof and breathable" I'm not impressed (they ain't cheap) and I'm inclined to send them back?


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I got a pair at weston park game and used them for the first time a couple of week ago beating and found my lower trouser to be wet too,


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Kotkors, Excellent choice!

Two faults.

1. The front lace hooks came off mine after very little wearing (I used suitable stainless little steel washers and decent/appropriate sized pop-rivets to do a repair which has lasted for years already and looks better than new did)

2. Customer services at Le Chameau's UK importer is not at all good (hence the D.I.Y. repair)

p.s. I should have pointed out... They are very good at keeping water out, but if you get sweaty or let water in, you'll have wet ankles and I don't know any good gaiters that aren't this way.
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Cannot fault mine apart from brambles pulling the laces out at the top.. otherwise very good.

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Eyefor, why didn't you just get another pair of army surplus ones they have no comparison IMO not at £10.50.


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Mine lasted a season then within 2 weeks both buckles fell apart.Only bought them as RFD didn't charge for a transfer[ felt obliged to buy something by way of a thank-you].Purchased a pair of Black Islander ones a couple of weeks ago and yes I know they are more expensive but first impressions are very favorable. I know cost is an issue but you cant put a price on comfort.


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Buy cheap buy twice !!
I am also on the lookout for a pair of gaitors , cost is not an issue as long as they do the job and are silent in use !

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Try Kammo. They are well built, silent, warm and I have had mine for 3+ years and delighted with them. I do lots of rough shooting and Brambles are yet to do any damage to them.


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I have a pair of Le Chameau kotkor & find they dont let water in at all but also dont breath very well hence the damp, apart from the breathability i find them quite good


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The ONLY gaitors worth their salt are Black Islander gaitors, have tried virtually everything, these won't let you down.


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My vote is KAMMO - had mine for many many years and have always kept me dry regardless of how bad. Very quiet gators

Buck 243

I've had a pair for the past 3 years no probs so far, ( now that I've written this they will probably fall to bits next time I've got them on ) : )


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I've got a pair and my only complaint is that they are noisy. I hadn't realised how much until it was brought to my attention by the stalker I was with in Ireland two weeks ago. The next pair of gaiters I get will be soft and silent.


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Update (24th Jan)

Got full refund - "faulty".

Anyone got a source please for the ex Army goretex ones (Green, not cammo)? I'll go back to what I had.