Le Chameau mouflon boots


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Hi all, I'm just in the process of ordering some le Chameau mouflon plus boots on line but am a little confused regarding the sizes. I am a size 10 but on the le Chameau website they list size 44 (normally a Uk 10) as a size 9 1/2 and a size 45 as a 10 1/2. I don't want to go down the route of sending them back for replacement so was wondering if anyone on here have bought these boots in these sizes and how do they compare to normal Uk sizes, do they come up smaller than usual or larger?
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I'll second that. Mine didn't last a season before they let water in. Should be supplied with a pair of sea skin socks. Miendel are the next on my list

Eric the Red

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Blimey - that's damming.......

However, to answer your question, I happened to be speaking with someone at Le Chameau today and they advised going the size up - if you still want to buy them, that is......:stir:


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Some prefer them to Meindels and are going back. I have a pair and was very happy with them up to now...
they started leaking after one hard season, no squeaks and very comfortable. My friends got about
four season out of them before they leaked.
Size seamed spot on, same size that I normally have. Mouflons same size as my all tracks Le Chameau wellies.


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I got a pair of mouflon+ a while ago, ordered size 10,delivered size 10 us but did not check and thought that they were taking some breaking in.......toooo many blisters later sold them for what I'd consider much more than they are worth £50 :oops:.Got it right the next time with a pair of Mendl and Matterhorn.Job done.The lad that got the mouflon's (correct size feet) say's they are not the best of boots but work well to call fox as they will not stop squeaking......Pants!


+1 For Meindl Boots Had my Antarktis for 4 years and I have been out when the only part of me thats dry and warm were my feet


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I have a pair, they are comfortable and watertight but they are the noisiest pair of boots I have ever owned, I could use them for squeaking in Charlie!


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:confused: Brought my Mouflon's back in 2002 or 2003 and still using them. Of course I don't wear them everyday like some but squeeking? In fact mine need a clean at the moment. Will give them a wash off then when dry a spot of leather treatment and apart from the bramble scratches they will look almost new again. perhaps they made them better back then?

Edit:- Just scrubbed the old boots under a bit of running water in the sink. Leather uppers, rubber welting and the soles all got a good scrubbing. Now sitting on floor in entrance by oil boiler to dry off. Once totally dry a treatment of leather feed and waterproofing and a buff up and they will be ready for the wet and mud again. Must get a pair of wellies for the garden etc as just noticed the old pair have split across the sole ........ of course we cannot get those make now. They have only lasted about 7 years ............................... Sigh! Looked at some the other day in town and so say they were utter crap is an understatment.
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I would, and will, never deal with le chameau again. I bought a pair of mouflons and within three months, even though they were regularly cleaned and waxed, they cracked across the toes. So I sent them back, le chameau accused me of neglecting the boots and sent them away for testing. They had to admit the leather had been cleaned and waxed, but ungraciously.

So after about six months I got another pair. These lasted 4 months before cracking. This took us to 13 months. So they refused to give me a replacement pair as it had gone over the 12 month guarantee.

I have never had such poor and ungracious service from any company, or had such a blatantly poor product sold to me. I consider it my duty to try and put other people in the picture about this firm.


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i think the point about the old ones being better is right. I have a pair that have lasted 11 yrs :eek:, admittedly they are not worn that regularly. On the back of these a friend bought a pair 18 months ago and they are shot.
As for as the squeeking goes even my old ones do fine if you like highseat shooting i guess:lol:, but joking aside they have worked on one vixen who obliged very nicely to a bit of ankle flexing [then paid the price].


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I was in a job a few years back where we were issued with them as standard kit, I got through three pairs in 18 months, all split and leaked over the toes, and they squeek like you wouldn't believe, for once it seems like everyone is singing from the same song book on this one! Don't do it!!!