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against my better judgement in May last year I bought a pair of Le Chameau wide calf wellies. I always thought my feet weren't as dry as they should be after using them, but put it down to long days and sweaty feet.
Had them out today for the first time in about three months and walked up a small stream with the terriers, and the right heel was flooding water in.
Anybody had similar experiences and what's the alternative?
I had Musto leather wellies for about six years before that and loved them....
I have read lots about le chameau quality being pants. I must be one of the lucky ones. I have a pair of side zip boots for about 3 years now and will cry when they finally give up the ghost. They have been fantastic and waterproof. Unlike the Harkila boots I bought.

paul k

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I think they changed country of manufacture, my first pair lasted 15 years (at least), my second pair are 4 years old but currently OK, I like them because of the option of a larger calf size as I can't get into Hunters and the like.


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A mate has gone through 3 pairs of calf boots - always leak and have always been replaced. I had a shirt that fell part within 1 season. I bought a pair of Meindels and have never had a problem with them. When I compare them with my mates leaky Le Chameau I can see clear differences in quality.
I read recently that the factory is being run by an English lady (French traditionalists not very happy) who is trying to sort out the all of the union and traditional working practice - it's morphed into a company very much like Leyland in the 70's.

Ben P

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Whatever you do don't replace them with Harkila wellies, they are even worse!

My first pair leaked after less than a year and then the replacement pair did the same!
I have a pair of lightweight wellies from Le Chameau. They're lined with cotton so are perfect for the summer. (I have a winter pair from Aigle which are neoprene lined and absolutely awesome, but they're too hot for half the year). They don't get particularly hard use - generally just dog walking.

I noticed yesterday that the tops (just in front of the ankle joint) were perishing. I got a wet foot this morning, so there's a leak somewhere else too. They're only about 15 months old, and I only wear them in the summer.

To be honest, I've not been impressed. The sole is thin and flimsy, and I could feel every stone and flint. I added sorbothane insoles to give some padding and protection.

I'm looking for a cotton lined wellie with a sturdy sole. All suggestions welcome.

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You guys must all live in places with wetter water and muddier mud. My Le Chameau Vierzonord wellies have been going for years and they're brilliant.

i rather get the impression that as with many brands, what was once is no more...

Hunter wellies, 15 years ago, had a superb reputation for longevity and quality - now they don't, they are just overpriced tat with no more quality of materials or construction than something you'd buy from the market priced £15. they can however keep charging £100+ because enough people either mistakenly believe that they are still good quality, or don't really care and just want to be seen wearing wellies with 'Hunter' written accross the front of them.

Le Chameau very much appears to on the same road - whether thats an unfortunate side-effect of moving to new materials or constuctions techniques, or a deliberate decision that thaere are enough people out they who will pay £170+ for a pair of wellies regardless of the quality is something i don't know - but there is a discernable pattern: if your LC stuff is more than about 5 years old its the best thing since sliced bread, any younger than that and you may have problems...
Interesting to hear peoples thoughts. I bought a pair in 2009 and they gave up last season. Went for a zip version a couple of weeks ago and reckon the build quality has improved, new rubber patch on the heel inside the boot so the neoprene doesn't wear through. My dad and brother have the old style zips and they are pants, toggle has failed on both pairs and I think thezip toggle is better than before. The strip around the top of the boot is stitched and not glued like my last pair. Haven't had any wet weather since owning them to see if they leak so can't comment on that but first impressions are good.


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Out of interest. How many of you guys that have had the same wellies for years wear them every day? I used to wear wellies daily and never ever had a pair that lasted a year never mind years.
Out of interest. How many of you guys that have had the same wellies for years wear them every day? I used to wear wellies daily and never ever had a pair that lasted a year never mind years.
fair remark...I admit I don't spend everyday in wellies anymore but gave my last pair a fairly hard time and they still lasted 6 years.