Lead free ammunition .270


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Hi all, any views on lead free ammo for a 270? Some of the land I stalk on is requiring lead free ammo. Anyone use Norma Kalahari?

Anyone use them through a Sauer?


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They are very accurate and will put them on the ground good probably they best of the cooper bullets I have used and I have used many hundreds in many brands . All these are in 270


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130 grain barnes tsx, fantastic either home loaded with H4350 or I think sako do them with barnes tips if you want to try the factory route :thumb:


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Using federal trophy copper in 308 and my Sako 75 likes them. Have been running at 150gr but will be going down to 130gr when they're done. I'd expect that 130 would be as heavy as you'd want to go in 270. Taking my 260 down to 95 gr in GS Custom, but they're home loaded and painfully accurate, if you want to go down the home load route.