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Sold: Leather Ammunition Wallets


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I posted a thread a while back about some leather wallets and knife pouches and stuff like that I had made for myself and some friends. I have improved slowly and this has lead to requests from folk at work with card wallets, glasses cases and random other stuff and a handful contacted on me here.

Anyhow, I have made up a few items which might be of use to people on here.

I personally shoot .222rem and .243win, so these are based on those type of parent cases. I imagine .223 and .308, some 6.5's, 7mm08 and whatever other similar gauge cases will fit, but if you would like something different, send me a PM and I will let you know if I can help, what leathers I have available and what the cost would be (you might need to send me an empty case so I can get the girth and length bang on etc). Of course you can say how many you would like it to hold, what your cartridge length is etc. Whether you want it to be something to chuck in a pocket like the below are or if you want something belt mounted with cuts built in or loops stitched in. You can choose colour threads which are all waxed nylon to hopefully stand the test of time. I will put up some other examples soon so you can see what to expect.

Everything I make is hand cut, hand stitched and hand burnished with edges sealed with beeswax.

I will start up offering the three items below which were the first three I made for sale. There are some minor imperfections as you can see in the photos but all ready to happily hold your ammo and chuck in a pocket or coat for transport or safe keeping in the field.

£15 each posted to start with and I will post up a few other things in the next day or so or whenever I get round to it. This is more a hobby and side interest, so don't expect loads to be churned out rapidly ha ha. This is far from my day job but if people show an interest, I will do what I can. If they don't then I can get back to knocking out a few for mates and the growing list of weird card wallet requests from work colleagues.

So, 2 x .243/.308 (holding 4 and 5 respectively) holders in honey tan Italian leather and 1 x .222rem (holding x 8 carts) size type in the same leather. £15 posted each.

BOTH .243/.308 are SOLD - Just the .222/.223 size one left

Pics are self explanatory but if you have any Q's just shout.


And I guess you could stick cases in the other way round if you wanted.

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Can I have an 8 shot .223 made please?
Do you want the one above which shows 8 x 222.rem cartridges? .223rem being no more than than 2/10" longer will fit absolutely fine I would think unless you have homeloaded some insanely long for calibre bullets

Or do you want something different. I think I have a ready made up wallet for 0.378" diameter case heads but it is a double button one without any imperfections. (.222 or .223 will be fine) PM with me the details of you needs



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any for 22.250
22-250 is the same head diameter as .243 and .308 but I think it tapers down more aggressively towards the neck and I think it might be shorter as well. I reckon they would fit but could potentially be slightly loose. I have made the loops tight to allow for the leather to give a little once used but you don't want them falling out from the start.

Leave it with me and I will see if I can find a 22-250 case from somewhere to base a wallet on.


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bolt holders?
Wasn't something I had considered. What are you thinking of? Wet moulded to fit the cylindrical shape of the bolt or more an envelope type thing with button loop to secure? I don't use them personally but had a quick look and was surprised there are so many options out there. They don't seem too much money, so maybe better to buy one online unless you have a specific requirement that you think I could deal with.


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I’ll also have a 6.5 8 round holder in as dark leather as you do with the rounded front flap. PM me payment details. Many thanks


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OK cheers folks. These have gone and a good few people have put various requests in. That will keep me busy for a while, so for now I will say hold off on the orders as I don't want to promise what I cannot deliver in some sort of short order.

I have some other stuff already made up that I will post up later when I get a chance, so feel free to have those if you would rather not wait until I have time to make some more.

Thanks again.


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Could you post a picture of your card wallets please. After something like that.
Sorry, just seen your post. I only really intended to offer shooting orientated stuff on here and just mentioned the other stuff because it was what moved me on to doing ammo wallets etc.

I only have a couple of photos of stuff I made for other folk I know. Bizarrely, a few at work (youngsters) do not like what I would class as a normal card/money wallet. They like these open, minimalistic card only wallets. One guy said to me "I just want a thin, 2 sided wallet. I only have 3 cards and never carry anything else" So I made him the one with the Tesco clubcard in it. It is identical both sides.

The other wallet in the picture is made from Horween chromexel pull up leather. Full of oils and smells divine. Really really expensive to make though and takes ages, so not really sure it is viable.

I mean I spend too long on these ammo wallets really. It is more of a hobby that covers the costs of the materials and puts a beer in my belly but doesn't even get close to covering my time. If I didn't enjoy doing it, I certainly would not bother.



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Mine has just arrived and it really is a lovely, well-made item. I'll certainly be looking out for your adverts in future Cottis, thanks very much
That is good news Mikey and glad you got one of the earlier ones at a price that just covered the materials and postage. I am getting better with each one I knock out. I have some different cases to base some new wallets on, so potentially some 25-06 and 22-250 ones coming up and there are some left over .243/.308 and .222/.223 ones still going before some new leather arrives.

Thanks for your support. It is good fun making them and I smile when I use my early prototypes which are already starting to build character (scratches and dings then after being dropped in cowpats and puddles :banghead:)


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Thanks for the 8 shot .223 pouch which has just landed. Lovely bit of kit, very well made from excellent materials. Highly recommended.