For Sale: Leather Spartan Bipod Holsters.


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I have a selection of Spartan Bipod holsters available. These where made to fit the Javelin Pro Hunt and the Pro Hunt TAC but will fit other models.

These have all been made from 3.5mm veg-tan leather dyed Dark Brown and fitted with brass coloured hardware.

The holsters can be made to order with different coloured dyes stitching and hardware.

Use the links below or contact me for options.

Spartan Bipod holster short £45​


Spartan Bipod holster short Left side carry £45​


Spartan Bipod holster short TAC ***Sold*** made to order​


Spartan Bipod holster Long ***Sold*** made to order​

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I may take you up on that offer, just need to decide wether I’ll use on my belt or fix it to my bino harness which is where it is at the moment