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Sold: Lee Enfield .303 Mk4

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As it seldom gets used I am selling off my .303 Lee Enfield Mk4

In good condition with the usual knocks/marks you would expect from a rifle of it's age. Shoots well and needs to go to a home where it will get used !

If sold face to face and you have relevant slots on ticket I can throw in 40 rounds of factory ammo as well.

Looking for £450 ono for face to face or can RFD at buyers cost.

Any questions please PM me.

IMG_3059.jpg IMG_3060.jpg IMG_3496.jpg


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Hi Andrew, the serial number on the stock and bolt read M/45 BY14264 and from what research I have done this indicates it was made at the Royal Ordnance Factory Maltby in 1945 but I cannot say 100% sure if that is correct but most websites I have found indicate that.

Hope that helps

What year was it made please?
A mate of mine wants one not sure if it's a Mark 4 or Mark 2.
Warmest wishes,
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