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For Sale: Left Hand Remington 700 CDL .270


Well-Known Member
Another nice rifle for sale as Im having a gun safe clearout.

1 x Remington 700 CDL in left hand in .270win
Screwcut 1/2"x20UNF
A-TEC Maxim Moderator
Third Eye Tactical 20MOA Piccatiny rail
Trigger reworked by the local RFD to a very crisp 1.5lbs
Lots of new remington brass and some once fired brass also comes with this if you want them.
There is 40 odd rounds of new Federal 130gn Softpoint .270 bullets also with sale.

This rifle has seen little use, its bores are perfect condition with plenty of life left in the barrel.
Its woodwork is in very nice condition as I used an aftermarket Boyds stock (now sold).
The rifle is still on my FAC but in storage at my local RFD. I can get it out easily for demonstration.
Im looking for around £650 or nearest

James on 07825 443295. Email me ja123_uk@hotmail.com or PM me.



Well-Known Member
Price reduced to 550. Will also throw in a padded gunslip, 140gn berger VLD bullet heads, and a lot of freshly reprimed, full length sized and ready to reload cases.
Also have over 140 brand new remington cases unprimed to go as well.
Also a RCBS .270 die set £25 posted..


Well-Known Member
Package now being split up to sell on individual items
2 Die RCBS die set £25.00
140 x new Remington brass £60.00
Atec Maxim Moderator (Damn near new very little shots through it (Max 40) £180+RFD transfer
Rifle £400 or nearest offer


Well-Known Member
Give this a bump and update
Die set sold.
Moddy still up for grabs £180 plus RFD unless local pickup
Rifle only now £400. Loads of life left it in, I just don't get the chances to fully use this low round rifle. Its bores are perfect..
Loads of new remmy brass available plus any once fired cases I'll chuck in with sale.
140gn Berger VLD bullet heads in box also available to anybody interested too.