Legislation & regulations question

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I am currently doing a research project into Deer management, I have a question about work related legislation and regulations such as Health and Safety at Work Act, Riddor etc.

I am right is assuming that unless you are being paid for "services" that these do not apply? or are you covered under separate legislation such as Countryside and Wildlife Act, The Deer Act etc

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I am not sure what the question is but H&S regulations pertaining to the workplace only apply to employees or those that employ them

one man band working for himself is effectively exempt.
however if that person is supplying services to another person or body there are aspects that will apply.

what specifically are you looking for?

Essex stalker

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The person who the stalker is working for would also have a duty to ensure any work being undertaken on his premises or land was being under taken in a safe manner with regards to health and safety


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several elements to this

clearly if you are an employed professional stalker all the H&S etc will apply

As recreational stalkers there are a couple of angles, firstly if you are paying rent for the stalking or using any of the estate facilities with their knowledge, again I suspect they would be liable from an H&S perspective eg using a dodgy quad or lift hoist in estate larder with their knowledge

Secondly even as a recreational stalker you have a duty of care to the general public eg putting notices on your high seats prohibiting non authorised people from using, even with those I suspect that if the seat was faulty and worn and someone climbed up and fell out injuring themselves then the recreational stalker would be liable

and in any event we should all be insured for 3rd party through BASC BDS etc etc as a simple matter of good practice and ethics for all the above reasons

Thank you for the answers, it has cleared up the information for me, although I think my original question may have been vague :)