Lei predator 22 lr moderator


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Anyone using this 22 lr moderator ?
I like the fact that it would be the same diameter as my varmint barrel but I was wondering what the sound reduction was like compared to other 22 mods.
It is also a sealed unit that can't be taken apart for cleaning,
Would that be an issue ?


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not sure if its the same mod but I had one on my hmr and hmr specific at the time , it was a stainless version as I had a savage 93r stainless, it was great tbo, it just morphed into the barrel as it was the same diameter as the heavy barrel and noise reduction was great, for a .22 it would be great. The only issue is not be able to strip it for cleaning, I didn't find the HMR that dirty a round tbo compared to a.22 , I currently use a aetec on my 22 and when I strip it its fairly loaded with grit/carbon so nice to be able to strip and clean it


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It's identical to the hmr one you had only it's for 22 calibre.
I also have an a tec and I have cleaned it a few times as well as it was quite dirty.

Hornet 6

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I drilled an HMR one out for a .22 and used it for a couple of years without any issues, worked pretty well.
Cleaning was not a problem, just chucked it in the ultrasonic tank.

Neil. :)