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Sold: Leica Duovid 10 -15X50

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These were recently sent to Leica’s factory for servicing and were returned like new.

The body, lenses, prisms, focusing assembly and now rare green rubber armouring were replaced. The only thing that remains of the original binocular is the component/ring that contains the unit serial number. So basically these are like-new/mint as hopefully the pictures convey but if in doubt I’m happy for you to talk to Leica’s Mayfair Customer Service Boutique to verify. I also had them customised, hence the use of black rubber armouring around the objective that gives a pleasing balance with the exposed black upper body section.

Note these are NOT zoom binoculars but 2 magnifications in one unit. When cranked to 15 power I have found them most manageable if either leaning against a tree or using a stick to aid stability.

To purchase a pair of these new would be around the £2K mark so I would like £1,150.00 which will include P&P to UK mainland.

You will receive everything in the main picture but I do not have a serviceable strap or case, hence reducing my asking price by £50.00 so you may purchase one of your choice.

Payment may be by either bank transfer or PayPal. If the latter I will meet you half-way on the buyer protection fee. If you wish to pay by cash and collect in person we can meet at my Mayfair office Mon – Fri.

Thank you for looking


Leica 3 (Large).jpgLeica 4 (Large).jpgLeica 1 (Large).jpgLeica 2 (Large).jpg

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