Sold: Leica Geovid 8x42 BRF-Y, just serviced


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For sale are my 8x42 rangefinding geovids, owned since new by myself and just back from service by Leica at a cost of 228euros.

they work perfectly with having a new rangefinding unit fitted during the service as well as a lot of the armour and eye cups, which they didn’t really need replacing as they were lightly used but Leica did it anyway.

they are great bins, super clear and great in low light and the built in rangefinder goes out to 1300 yards or so.

they’re not new but are in very good condition and are functioning perfectly.

I’m thinking £900 including rmsd to your door but am open to discussion.

please message me for more info or a chat about them.


del 3962D3C9-791B-4C63-9A71-DCC6B700F22C.jpeg 6369ED2F-7965-44A3-8AEB-9433A22D25F0.jpeg E0A6BD79-73F5-42C7-B01C-A13AA5F80E91.jpeg 4FCE6888-B970-4FA8-8E03-B16B3419C0EF.jpeg A42839F2-479D-431C-8144-6E0A323BB119.jpeg
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