Let your chickens out!


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Somerset was a high risk area but has now been down graded meaning your birds can now be free range again.
Taken from the DEFRA website ...

Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens said:
We continually review our disease control measures in light of new scientific evidence and veterinary advice. Based on the latest evidence on reduced numbers of migratory and resident aquatic wild birds we believe that kept birds in the areas we previously designated as Higher Risk are now at the same level of risk as the rest of England and may now be let outside.
However, all keepers must still observe strict disease prevention measures to reduce the risk of contamination from the environment, where the virus can survive for several weeks in bird droppings.
This does not mean business as usual: the risk from avian flu has not gone away and a Prevention Zone remains in place, requiring keepers across England to take steps to prevent disease spreading. We continue to keep measures under review and keepers should check GOV.UK for regular updates.
Lifting the housing requirement in Higher Risk Areas means free range birds across every part of England can now be allowed outside again.


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Perhaps the control measures are a PR exercise so that the authorities can appear to be doing something when in reality they have no control over the spread of Avian flu in wild birds?


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You're right. The authorities have no control over bird flu. Even leaving the EU and taking back control of our borders won't stop infected birds flying in. :D

But I suspect that the lifting of restrictions has more to do with the calendar and weather. When it gets warmer and dryer at this time of year the virus, like other flu viruses doesn't do so well.


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Yes and no Pedro. in all my time of keeping Chickens. Quail. and other foul. I have noticed that the bird flu comes at the same time every year.
And this is always in line with The turkeys being brought in from Europe for our Christmas dinner.
There may be nothing in it. but to me it seems strange coincidence.
All the best.


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It did, pity the "authorities " dont notice this little fact and ban the import of these carriers ,we do have the odd Turkey farm in Britain that might have an uninfected checked to the hilt ,policed by Defra to the death Bird or two we could buy:doh:


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Be nice if they issued or pasted advice for all parts of the UK, unless we are expecting cessation of Wales as well as Scotland.