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At present I use the standard BASC land permission contract that is available through the web site. Unfortunately whenever I have got permission to shoot on land, I find that when I say "Right all I need is for you to read and sign this". The following day I get the call saying "Err I don't know, this form is all legal and rather frightening; lets forget it".

What I want to know is, have any of you got a generic letter that you use that is both user friendly and also exceptable to the police for their purposes?
Thanks Steve.F


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I wrote my own letter of permission on behalf of the farmer.

It just stated who I am, where and what I can shoot. THe sort opf thing you could show a bolshy gamekeeper.
No legal speak in it
Just get the farmer to sign it as though he wrote it.



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Hi Steve
I normally download a map off the ordnance survey getamap site and get the farmer to draw the boundary's and sign it as well as a letter of permission no misunderstandings over boundary's then.
One thing I always double check is that the farmer has the shooting rights's. Some tenant farmers can shoot vermin but not game, always worth checking can save a lot of hassle later on.



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Hi Wayne,
Nice to hear from you! Yep I did that. The chap was very impressed. I left the paperwork with him to read through and sign. I'll pick it up in the week. I'm not over excited, I've been here before. Once I've grassed my first Munty on his land I will feel more assured.
Just got to get it past the Police now. Get this I've an open license to shoot fox but not deer! The battle is not won yet! :confused:

While on his land yesterday I encountered a young muntjac doe, 30 metres away just looking at me. She didn't move an inch, like a statue she was! We stood looking at each other for what seemed like ages. I told her to go away and practice hiding! :lol:


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Up date on the land. I've got the letter signed and sent off to the police. I asked how long it would take to be processed as the land is in a different county to the one my FAC was issued. 'How long is a piece of string'? was the reply. :confused:

I'm hoping for an open ticket. I suppose theirs nothing to do know but wait! :(
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