Letters to FLO


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Has anyone out there writter a letter to their FLO asking for an "Open Cert" to be issued? OR their "Conditions to be removed"

Did it work?



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changes of conditions

if you fill in a variation form and provide evidence of why you need the conditions changing or removing it should not be a problem providing you don't want to do anything to daft. I recently changed mine and i filled in a variation form and i also wrote a covering letter



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I put a covering letter with my application, and got an open from the start, both the 22lr and later the 243,7mm08.

it was just a case of making a good case, I told them I kept picking up more land most weeks and did they want to keep coming out to check new land every few weeks?

Offroad Gary

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this was what my sponsor wrote for me (well i wrote it actually, he signed it) - ticked all the boxes

Dear Sirs

Following my previous letter, releasing Mr ??????? from my supervision, I write regarding his request to be granted an “open” certificate.

I can confirm that Mr ?????? has demonstrated competence in all aspects of rifle shooting both whilst under my supervision and since being released, and is fully capable of determining if land is safe and suitable for use of firearms.

On this basis, I fully support his request for the restrictive condition being removed from his certificate, and the certificate being made “open”.

Should you wish to discuss this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours Faithfully