Leupold Binoculars 8x42 Wind River Mesa Poro Prism Cascades

Andy L

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There is a set on ebay at the moment. They end tomorrow afternoon. May be worth a look if you are interested.


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not sure how they compare to poro prism, at the time of purchase i was told roof were better
but never had enough spare cash to buy both just for comparison purposes
but for the price very happy, and sure you will be too
if i had more cash at the time , i would of bought ziess or swarovski and now still would if i had to buy another set in the future


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just to let you know i got a pair of the wind river cascades roof prisim from the states.i used them at the weekend and they are spot on really good in low light.i went for the 8x42.and i saw loads of deer but most of them were roe bucks :evil: