leupold or zeiss


i'm looking at buying some 3-9-50mm scopes i have found some leupold vx-II for £200 and some zeiss mc conquests for £245 any views on these scopes or has any body got one of these :)


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I have never had a zeiss scope but I have had leupold. Therefore I would go for the zeiss, I just could not get on with the leupold.



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You are comparing a chevrolet to a mercedes or BMW.

even if the conquests are made in USA to keep prices down it is a no brainer for me.

Where are leupolds made. Think you will find it is China or the Phillipines.

Do not get on with Leupold scopes at all and i have tried a few.

European optics are the best by far IMHO.



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If it`s one of those yanky ziess i wouldn`t bother. I fancied getting one about 4 years back now and rang sportsmans to order one, fortunately they hadn`t got the one i wanted in stock. The next time i was in the gunshop i had a good luck at a ziess and was really surprised at the lack of quality, especially when i took the turret caps off and had a play with the adjustments. It had a very sloppy feel to it and it didn`t seem to click properly, so you couldn`t tell if it had moved or not. I fancied trying something different as i had already got a s/b on my other rifle but in the end plumped for another hungarian 6x42 s/b.

My advise, try to go that extra £100 and get an hungarian s/b, you won`t regret it. wadashot


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Forget either of them, go for an SB (as wadashot says, though I'd say go kraut if you can afford it) and you won't go back. Two stalking buddies of mine bought an SB after looking through mine and trying it on a stalk and on the range (one changed from Nikkon the other from Leupold) and a third is considering changing from a Zeiss to one. My only experience of Leupolds is buying one only for the illuminated reticle to fail on first use, then the repair to fail, then the whole reticle moved on about the tenth shot I made. They have loads of nice features, like screw in lense protectors and all that, but don't seem well put together. I got fed up and changed it for the Schmidt at much extra cost and haven't regretted it. Sometimes you get what you pay for.


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Scmidt & Bender

I have to concur with the other members and state that if you can get an S&B scope then that is the one to buy.

I have 2 S&B's a 8x56 hungarian that cost £380 brand new and a 3-10x56 german which i picked up second hand.

My other optic is one I have had the longest, a Docter 3-12x56.

I have Simmons on my 10-22 and a hakko on a 223 which i inherited and have still to use.

Scmidt and Bender dont make binos or anything else except rifle scopes, enough said.



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308 Boy said
I have to concur with the other members and state that if you can get an S&B scope then that is the one to buy.

Can't argue with that I had leupold V111 3.5-10x50's on my rifles. I have now swapped them for 3 x 8x56 Hungarian S&B's and 1 8x56 Hungarian Illuminated I've even got one on my .375 H&H( WildBoar Rifle) excellent optics and value for money. I had a 6x42 American zeiss once quite nice optis but felt cheap. After saying all that if I wanted a mid priced vari-power I certainly would consider another Leupold the one on my .308 never let me down in 7 years hard use.



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Got VX111 4x14x40 and Ziess Diavari C 3x9x36 (alas no longer made).

Ziess is by far the better, I would never have another Luepold but in fairness to it it has never gone wrong and is fine in good light. I also have a 50mm Swaro and the Ziess is better than that at night.