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For Sale: Leupold rings/bases Tikka T3 tactical bolt handle


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For sale due to now using QR rings I have
Leupold bases (rear windage adjustment) with action screws to fit Tikka T3 £15posted
Leupold 1" low rings with screws £20 posted
Leupold 30mm high rings in packet with torx key and screws £25 posted SOLD
Atlas Worx Tactical bolt handle (will fit left or right hand bolts) SOLD

Hapy to knock a bit off if you want to collect and I'll accept bank transfer or Paypal for goods/services. All items are used but in good condition, the bold handle has a small scratch/mark where it fits in the bolt but this is pretty much hidden from view when it's fitted due to the shiney finish it won't show properly on the iPad camera! If you're interested let me know and I can send another picture from my mobile instead.
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Just to add the high rings on the bases gave about 8-10mm clearance with a 50mm objective scope and I used the low mounts with a 42mm scope and that was about the same.