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For Sale: Leupold vx11 6-18x40 target


Well-Known Member
[h=2]Leupold vx11 6-18x40 target[/h]
I'm selling a Leupold vx11 6-18x40 target. This is the target version of the 6-18x40 which comes with the large covered target knobs. The scope is in excellent condition, it has a small scratch on the elevation turret cover but it's tiny. It also has some ring shadows but nothing I can feel with my finger nail just shadows where the rings were. The scope has the fine duplex reticle and is parallax adjustable, it says on the parallax ring that it goes down to 50 yards but turns a bit past the 50yard marking as all Leupold seem to do and I would be confident in saying it will be parallax free at 20-25 yards but will test for potential buyer if nekeded in gun vise. I will get a few pics up shortly. I will include a butler creek front flip up and a set of 25mm mounts.
I'm looking for £275 posted rmsd for this.
Sadly no box but will be very well packaged.

Cheers for reading



Well-Known Member
Afraid not mate, I'm heading to my local dealer in a few hours so I dropped the price as a last chance to sell as I will almost certainly trade it in to him for decent money.