Level 2 stalks

fox slayer

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Can you do all 3 stalks with the same Aw or is it best to do say the last with a new Aw. Thanks for your input.


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The new portfolio means all witnesses have to be AW's I don't think it matters if all your stalks are done with the same guy. My mate has just done his 3 stalks with a very experienced AW who is running DSC courses so I would of thought he would be up to speed on the do's and dont's.

However if you have the blue portfolio you can have a max of 2 credible witnesses and then one stalk must be done with an AW.

Hope this helps
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Monkey Spanker

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You can do 2 max with the same aw

ATb Steve
Where did you get that from??:confused:

You may be getting confused with the older Credible Witness (CW), system where the CW could only do 2, and the third had to be done by an AW.
It now has to be an AW for all three with the new portfolio. It is perfectly acceptable for the same AW to do all 3!
(As I have done many times!)


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I am an AW and have done all three stalks in one Portfolio on several occassions and have never been questioned.