level 2 write up , how much info ??

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hi all,
just had my 3rd witnessed stalk where I managed to take a nice roe buck, just writing some notes on how it all went so I can re-right the whole thing up proper when I have had a bit of a sleep.
how much info is needed ??
think I have got it all .. weather , wind, pre stalk chat cull plan ,where we were going to stalk, woodland cover, spotting the buck, stalking in to him, obb's before shot, taking the shot, reaction to the shot, approach ,touching the eye, bleeding and grallock ,talking threw the knife work as I went .moving the carcass back to the chiller . and answering aw's Q about all things deer related , gun safety/law .....

any input if I have missed anything would be great
off to bed now:)
cheers all
and tagging the carcass at the chiller !!!

Erik Hamburger

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I recommend you keep the candidates narrative limited to one page A4 per ICR. Focus on all the safety aspects as well as on food hygiene issues as that is what the assessor wants to hear. They are less interested in the weather, whether you have your tea with one or two sugars, caliber and Brands used, distances walked and the inside leg measurements of your mother-in-law ;)

As far as background information is concerned, produced some kind of 'Shooting CV' listing in chronological order key events such as obtaining an Air Rifle, SGC, FAC, courses done, qualifications obtained, events attended, open FAC ticket granted, deer conditions given, permissions gained. Back this up with photocopies of courses/qualifications/entry forms to events etc. and attach your cull record for say the last three years as a spreadsheet.
K.I.S.S. : 'Keep It Simply Short' will be good enough.

Discuss with your assigned assessor in advance by email (so you have a record) what you plan to submit, in what format, and if he has any other questions/suggestions/recommendations. On the pages where you are asked to write down advice sought/given, make sure you list these communications. If he doesn't make any suggestions, he can hardly reject your evidence later on! If he does make some suggestions, make sure you incorporate them in your evidence.

These people are not trying to fail you, so there is nothing to worry about. They want to see evidence of success and skills and they WANT to see candidates succeed.

Good luck


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As said as this is your 3rd just follow 1 and 2.
Dont put too much in....you dont want to leave your assessor with only difficult question options after all.


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thanks all ,
lack of sleep, sorry!, just reread my thread although its my 3rd stalk its was only my 1st witnessed kill, but all of your input is a great help,
and keep it simple I will

I been stalking for a while and shooting for years and what seems like 2nd nature can often be overlooked. just wondered what was needed with out nagging anyone.
getting other peoples views is always a big help
thanks again

tom reveley

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Weecornishman have you had 3wittnessed stalks and is this the first one you have culled a beast so your portfolio could either have bits of ices from your first 2stalks or be blank your aw should have done the q and answer bit on the stalk leaving you to do a write up when I did mine I started with the time date and place followed by the outing then the grallockand laddering/transport to the larder wrote what rifle and ammo was using hope this helps a bit
Regards Tom


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yep tom, 3 x stalks in total and 1 deer culled.. stalks 1 and 2 saw nothing so there was nothing to include for the portfolio
I would have done the same as you , expected that I would need to cover everything but i can also see the need to keep to just the facts that count
eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr ....... I hate paper work ..
safety, food hygiene and KISS .thanks erik !!!
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tom reveley

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Cornishman good luck with the other 2stalks hope you do ok just keep the write ups simple and two the point I also put a couple of photographs in
Atb Tom


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Your assessor does not need to know what the weather was like and if the birds were singing. Keep it to the point and the facts. Long narratives do not really help and the AW's write up should marry yours and also be to the point and kept to the facts.

Photos also really don't mean a lot and are not required. The assessor will question the AW and these are the people the assessor and assessment centre rely upon to be their eyes and ears.
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Think about the context of the actions that you took; for example, if you did an external examination of the carcass before the gralloch, state the reason for doing so and what you were checking for...


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If your going to mention things like the weather you can use it to show what else your thinking about, i:e "A cloudy evening with no moon will result in the light dropping off quickly and a torch vital for any follow up or the walk back". Or "The strong wind might result in some aim off needed although the sort of range I intend to shoot at this should not be a factor".
i put a resonable amount of information in my write ups and apart from a quick query about the distance my AW was from me on one stalk no other questions were asked.
if you want to see one of mine to help you feel free to send a pm
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