Lidl wire rope 240v winch £60


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Hi folks

Just a heads up Lidl are doing their park side ( own brand) 240v wire rope electric winches

Handy for a home larder or hobbyist workshop

125kg single strand lift
250kg doubled up strand lift

& includes the pulley with a hook

As usual hide / keep receipt Lidl warranty 2yrs



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Are these any good ? And are they easily mounted to a garage wooden ceiling joists ??
Depends how strong you reckon your joists are. I use a piece of scaffolding type tube lying across four joists just to be sure. It's not the direct lift I worry about but the tugging and pulling when skinning. No problem lifting a brace of mature fallow does.
We have one in the larder I share with a mate and it will handle a low ground red on the double lift.
After a year or two especially in the cold they become very slow to unwind.
The trick is not leave it wound up all the way or leave something heavy on the hook.
Also very useful for skinning if you have a ring bolt in the floor to attach the free end of the skin to.


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As I stated on original post
125kg max single fall
& 250kg on double wire with included pulley

That’s going to handle pretty much most of what get here in UK ....

but only as good as what your mounting it too



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Are these any good ? And are they easily mounted to a garage wooden ceiling joists ??
I have a similar winch from Silverline, I paid around £70 for it. I could highly reccomend anyone to get one, Yes they are easily fitted to the roof timbers if they're strong enough. I fitted mine in the apex of the roof and beefed it up with 18mm ply both sides, then bolted straight through. I've hanged a big hind and calf off it recently with no issue at all, its ideal to have somewhere dry indoors for over night storage, and for when I dabble and butcher an occasional on myself.
Money well spent.

peter a

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I bought one from lidls three years ago. As Ion said, they are slow to unwind so I leave it at the floor level after use. I have installed double Unistrut right across the garage and run the winch suspended from that with rollers. This allows me to move carcases right across the garage without manhandling them. It will easily take the weight of a red stag. I paid about £49.00 which I thought was very good value for the money.