Life's sh*i*t*e


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Three accidents in the past 4 months
November the wife ran into the back of another car
December someone sideswiped the Disco with no witnesses

Today coming back from a walk our dog Jasper was run over and died.

At the moment with all the other things that are going on around me he's been the only thing keeping me together and now there isn't even that.

F*u*c*k - f*u*c*k - f*u*c*k

Signing off for a while



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Very very very sorry to here about your dog the year before last I had one run over by a train, and this week I nearly lost one to poisoning.
So I know how you feel.


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I have a jasper dog, sad to hear if your loss. Heart breaking times.

I am superstitious and have been taught bad times come in threes. How I wish I could rid myself of superstition. My experience is that believers are far more affected by luck. Good or bad. Myself I have undue bad luck.

Things will pick up.


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Sorry about your dog, that's horrible. I'd be distraught if I lost mine like that.
Get a pup as soon as you possibly can. Not a replacement, but a happy distraction who'll remind you happily of Jaspers puppy days.


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Sorry to hear about everything mate , hope all goes well in the future .

It does get better, I had such a string of back luck for a while that it felt like the world was coming to an end even to the point that I had wished it would.
My life now is nowhere perfect and it is a little harder to take disappointment but it does get batter.

Stay positive.


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"Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!"

Very sorry to hear about Jasper. I don't know about bad things coming in threes, but take heart that over time, luck does even itself out, so you should be due some good luck around the corner. Good advice about getting another dog, which I expect you know already. Take your time. Have a bit of a mourn for Jasper and then start to look around to see what's available. Things will soon start to look up.


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Thats absolutely devastating. Very sad, sorry mate..... cant add anything else as nothing will help right now.
Really sorry. The cars dont matter.


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Feck that would break yer heart, material things can be replaced but your wee dug! Need to remember all the good times you had and it's those memories that will help you through these sad times. Had a lot of heartache over the years myself but tomorrow is another day. Keep the chin up....