Light bulb moment


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Our Mack ( 13 months old)is coming on great, so he had his first proper outing on the pigeons this morning, we shot 31 before the heat got the better of us both lol.

he retrieved like a natural ( with a few pointers along the way lol)

he was watching the birds come in and was steady to the gun going off,

the light bulb was lit lol, he gets it , marking the birds and to the command "find it" off he trots to bring the birds to hand.

ive been training him for deer, but hells bells he's a natural,

the only time I've felt prouder is when my kids were born,

its great when you see the light bulb moment and they twig,

got some pics but no idea how to point them( gutted coz I want to show him off)



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Well done - I remember going pigeon shooting with a pal and his lab. Even though she was trained on peg, it was her first session in a hide and due to her excitement forgot the net was there when she went to pick a bird.

Took the whole hide down with her. ha ha good times.