Lightweight high seat.


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I remember seeing one that had been home made, it was one of those ladders that the house surveyor people use, lots of short sections. There was some sort of seat that fitted on the top of this, when erected it was just a lean to type of arrangement. It was transported about in the back of a hatchback if I recall correctly, it looked to be very efficient. I'm sure someone will remember seeing it.



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hi Duncs
they do a thing called a ladder step which just hangs of the rungs of most ladders, to this you add your on rail at a height comfortable for you to lean on and hey presto a little portable seat all you need to do is find a lightweight extendable ladder then you should be sorted
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Hi Duncs
The best one i have seen in a long time is the "Panther" it is a folding aluminium light weight high seat with rifle rest and straps for holding to the tree. Have alook at £185.00.

Am going to Shotshow in Las Vegas 31st Jan, want to see if i can buy these along with other stuff to sell here.

Hope use to you


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i bought one of the panthers the other week.

seats are poorly moulded - ive returned 2 so far with cracks from manufacture, waiting for replacement. staff there have been good.

product overall. cheaply built but probably ok for occasional use (not what i would call professional quality), quick and easy to put up, fairly steady adjustable shooting rail (i wopped a fox at 85m from it). takes up the whole back seat of a cherokee when folded.

not sure that i would carry it around in the dark and put it up beforeclimbing into it, i left mine overnight locked to the tree. i have marked the rail with tape so i can get it adjusted each time, first time.

reccomended. i hope no bugger nicks it!


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When you go to the shot show, go to the Aquila stand and find a grey haired gentleman there called Andy. Ask him how his hip is and tell him his cuz said hello.



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Hi Phil,

Aquila are an ammunition manufacturer. Andy does not actually work for them, he does testing and evaluation on new products for them, but he will be there.

Portable hgh seat for sale

I bought a german manufactured portable ally high from Jagersports a few years back, a top quality tool, very safe and comfortrable, I used it to good effect on the roe and muntjac in some dificult situations, I extended it by about 3ft to make it about 12ft an ideal height for the red or fallow , I haven't used it for a couple of seasons now because of a heart condition but it is still in good condition, if anyone is interested, best offer over £200.00 ( Bognor Regis West Sussex/colection only )
Call John on 07944 830260