limited calibre use in the uk

max calibre used in the UK

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I was in a meeting today when a member of the meeting who I know is a stalker asked the following question,

and when it was asked I then found out that 9 out of the 15 where stalkers and 2 others where keen clay shooting enthusiasts,

the question,

if a maximum calibre was to be implemented in the uk,what calibre did the people in the meeting think would be the largest they would licence for use within the uk.

the calibre that came out top is in the poll, have a go and I'll update later, it's just a bit of fun, nout serious,

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I would have thought the top calibre polled would be .300 / .308.

If there was a limit, it would make more sense to base it on maximum muzzle energy not calibre.


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why calibre or do you mean cartridge?

30cal in 308 form is mainstream
30cal in RUM form is arguably overkill.....but that said, it should preclude people from owning and shooting one!


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Not sure I completely understand the question.

Are you asking "if we had to pick an arbitrary upper limit, which one would we choose"?

Or are you asking "which one do we think the Powers That Be would choose and impose on us"?

However, I think the answer is the same either way: .30-06.


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the same or some of the points above where also voiced,

out of the 4 calibres selected above which one had the most votes,

and as always on forums some people look into it far to deeply and take things to seriously.

for goodness sake it was all done in a bit of a time out from a very heavy meeting, get real and have a bit of fun and answer the simple question,

ps: and it will never become law as long as I have a hole in my Rs,


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do stop this trolling lark. It isn't big, it isn't clever.

It is puzzling, though, as to the best of my knowledge you've shown no previous symptoms of being a tw*t.
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