Little Acorn 940nm IR


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Hi there folks,

Just a quick one, on the description of the Little Acorn trail cams IR it says that it's a "non glow" IR, and so at night the LED's do not illuminate.

So can anyone confirm this please, as on my permission the guys there have been having a number of break ins to the farm buildings and I've got the camera set up to try and catch the thieves if they return. I'm just slightly concerned that the camera will be visible at night while it snaps away.


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840nm is very visible shining like a red beacon
940 nm is practically invisible to the human eye,
if very close and looking directly at the led`s it you can decern a faint red glow on the leds.
so dont mount it at eye level.
You need to mount it higher up and camouflage it so its not obvious.

Best test is to set it up and walk in front of it


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Thanks for your replies chaps. There is a model that does send photos to your phone, but mine doesn't. I'll put the camera below head hight and hope it doesn't get nicked

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