Liver Fluke?


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Hi all,

I found this on the liver from a young Roe buck kid. The deer was in excellent health otherwise. Apologies, the photo's aren't very clear.



Is this liver Fluke? Is the liver still safe for consumption if the area surrounding this is removed?



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Hi sp4rkman,
Interesting liver this one. Does it feel gritty if you cut into it? If you look closely around the white area you see a feint circular area of hyperaemia ( an increased blood supply ) which indicates it is an ongoing infection. When you look at the edge the liver capsule ( that is the layer of tissues surrounding the liver) it is split but the actual liver substance is not bleeding, odd. Is the white area raised or level with surface of the liver? If you turn the liver over look at the hepatic lymph glands and if they are ok just cut out the bits cook well. Enjoy.
Never ceases to amaze me how little liver tissue animals ( and humans ) require to stay healthy.