load for .308

pete evans

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I curently use a .243 with either 70g BT or 100g SPBT for everything from fox and muntie to red. iwill stick with these as i know what they do.
question is what do i shoot through the .308? most of my shooting is roe and muntie with occasional fallow and red. what do you guys use?


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44gr Vhit 140, 150Gr Gameking SPBT.

Both 44gr and 44.5 shot the same for me, prior to that, the groups were no that good.

Thats from my T3 Tactical.


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308 load

I could not get my 308 to love VV140 at all.

my 22-250 loves it though.

I am now working Varget in the 308. 49.5 gn with nosler 125gn BT's and 47gn with speer 150 SPBT (2022)
I said i would leave the BT's alone and i might as soon as a deer walks one step after being poleaxed by one.
The accuracy is second to none over 100-250m.

meat damage is another debate..........


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I'm with Tartinjock on this one. I use 43.5 grains VVN140 in my .308 Sako 75 with 150gr Nosler BT's. It works fine on everything from munties to reds. Meat damage is minimal, at least in my experience.



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The 308 will shoot nails.
As Tartinjock said 44gr N140 is just magic with 150-155gr.
I found my rifle likes one speed. Keep 150gr mild and 165gr warm, both about the the same speed. (44gr varget in 150gr and 45gr Varget for the 165gr bullets) I used SST's and a-max this year. 40 yds to (quite far) no problems with either.

Richard Parsons

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Agree with ejg, 44gr Varget is great. Seating depth as per book 2.800 OAL should see you right also. My Sauer 202 shoots clover leaf no problems with this recipe.


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I like the results I have had from Vit N-140 Cloverleaf from a factory rifle in .308