loads for 300 win mag


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Reloader 19 /22 is good H4831sc is also good , I have read the vhit n560 is a bit hard on the barrel,
180/190grn pills very good , loads of guys in the states us them to very good effect . Have a read on LRH.



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I have loaded N560 in 3 .300 Win Mag's with 180 grain Accubonds 2 liked it 1 didn't max load is 77.0 grains workup carefully from 74 grains I found it peaked quite quickly after I hit the sweet spot all three rifle shot best with different
charge weights the 2 rifles that liked N560 were putting 3 shots in to .5" the other 1.5"
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N560 is rough on barrel. I like H1000 in the 300. It builds up less pressure for the same results as H4831. Good luck. LBA