loads for .375 HH


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hi all
i am using speer grand slam 285 (soft nose)and hornaday 300 solids with 70 grains of varget in rp HH mag cases and federal 210 large mag primers at 50 yards they print a 1inch pattern with the 300 printing 3 inch to the right when 285 are on the button to add to this equation i hav speer hot cor in 235 semi spitzer all the same componets except using 71 grains of varget producing clover leaf patterns at 100 but 5inch high any suggestions on different loads to to get the printing all in the same area with out having to alter the scope
may thanks stone


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The answer to your question is 'nope'.
Its not just a question of reducing the velocity on the 235 in a hope that it will group lower. It will also depnd on the barrel resonance as the bullet exits as to were it will impact. Also barrel presures will alter due to the much higher engraving pressures on the 300gn solids compared to the other SP ammo. The only way is to keep reloading and you m,ight get then to group but then the barrel will be shot out. Too little powder in the cartridge will head to the possibility of hang fires and other dangerous reloading moments.
Here is my suggestion based on your rifle having iron sight.
Zero the scoped rifle with the lighter faster bullets that you will use for plains game,deer etc. In my case 155 gn banded cooper bullets
Set the iron sights to be zero at 25yds for the 300gn solids.
I run a similar arrangment with the 458 using 300gn monolithics with the scope and 500 gn solids off the iron sights.




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No rifle will really shoot two different bullet weights to the same point of aim (zero). Their trajectories may converge at one point with luck but that is all it will be - you may even be lucky enough to engineer that convergence point to say 100yds. BUT at other distances the divergence will increase according to the weight differences of bullet and power of load.


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hi 325wsm
i read some where that the .375 HH mag was very capable of firing different weight bullets to very good accuracy on same point of impact, as i was not getting what i thought i hoped i would get i wondered if any of the other large cal persons on the site had maybe got there
as you can probaly imagine even homeloads on a calibre this size gets very expensive if i have to keep testing but i totally understand what you say thanks for the input
seasons greetings stone


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The easiest way to do what you want is to buy a set of QR mounts and have two scopes (or more) each zeroed for different ammunition.

I am doing that with the Montanas and am finding it most satisfactory.

I am not a 'Big Spender' and so look towards the cheapest but still efficient system whatever I buy and in this instance have chosen Leupold QR rings and bases.

I am unable to tell any difference in zero by removing and refitting the scope and am more than happy the groups will still be 1" or less.

What rifle do you have as I do have some spare Winchester bases.


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hi 325wsm
i hav a brno .375 HH mag wood stock bolt action (not a cz) with a 2-10x50 swarovski 30mm tube sat on it held on by weaver mounts not sure i want to go for a two scope set up as yet but i would definately think hard about it before i deminish the idea as this might solve the other problem i hav with a different rifle as use two bullet combo on my 3006 that is also a brno but a new style (not cz either) but mounts are harder to sort for this one
kind regards stone


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Hi Stone,

I have had a 375H&H BRNO rifle with a Burris Signature scope on it for close on 20 years.

I have hunted with it in Africa and Finland. I home load all my rounds for it and have never had a problem. I have taken Elephant and Buff with this rifle using 300 grain Federal solids loaded with H4350, compressed loads 80 grms coming out at 2550 vel.

For plains game I used a lighter load 235 grain nosler bullets H414 powder 85 grms coming out at about 2769 vel. I also used this round on Moose (Elk) in Finland, although I have also used 155g 270 winchester which also does the job just as well.

To me the 375 H&H is one of the worlds best calibres, it will take just about anything you want to hunt in the world, even tiny little Suni or Steinbok in Africa, as long as you use a solid, thus minimum damage to the trophy.

These loads are from the Speer manual I have, and I hope they are of use to you.


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thanks u sikamalc i had been toying with the idea of using H3450 for another calibre now i can probaly play with it on two calibres now