loads for 7mm 08

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guys looking for some accurate loads for 7mm 08
barrel is 20 inches long not sure of twist its a sako 75
gunsmith has given me
20. 120 grain hdy v max
20. 140 grain nosler partion
20. 140 grain sieras to try
looking to start with hodgson h414
any data welcome .
many thanks pete.


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7mm08 loads

Hi mate,
I have not used those bullets. I do have a 7mm08 rifle although mine has a short barrel. i have loaded seer145 hot cor and 50 gr of re19. speer 130 gr hot cor and 42 gr of n140.

as for the twist rate the wieghts you have give are right in the middle of the 7mm08 spectrum so twist rate won't be a problem. i would suggest you look at a faster burning powder because 20 inches is still a short barrel.

i have just picked up some H4895 to use with 120 gr sierras. Varget gives good results looking at hodgdons data.

v max is a varmint bullet, not for deer use




Hi Mate,
D'ont know if it helps but the PRV factory rounds in 7mm-08 140 gr softpoint at £46 per 100 seem to perform well out of my Tikka T3 lite. I shot a red stag two weeks ago with it at about 90 metres and it dropped at the shot and never moved an inch. Good Luck.
AdamS. :lol:


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Sorry for my ignorance but was does the "08" stand for in 7mm 08 ???

I understand 7x57 & 7X64 etc but I am a novice and haven't come across the 7mm 08 before.

Many thanks


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calibre designation


it stands for .308.

7mm08 is a round derived from necking a .308 round down to hold a 7mm bullet.

bullet designations..........hells bells, there is very little common ground here. most european rounds are like 7x57 or 7x 64R this 7 is for the diameter of the bullet. the 57 is for the length of the case in mm the R is for rimmed. The americans don't work in the same way. ie .223 rem is actually a .224 bullet :confused: i think they use designations that make the round more attractive to the buyer. .270 win - the bullet is actully .277.

.25-06 is a .25 bullet useing a 30-06 case necked down. .30-06 is a .30cal bullet (actually .308) round that was introduced in 1906.

they like also to use the word magnum.

i hope this helps (but i doubt it)



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This may or may not help, the barrel in this case was 24" but bullets and powders are some of what you're looking at.

For my foxing work l use 120 v-max over 42grns of N140 in a lapua case and Fed 210 primer. For my range work l just swap the 120 for the 130SMK and it's shoots better that .5" of angle anytime


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more 7mm08 loads

120gr sierra prohunter. 45.5 gr of h4895 cci primer. fed brass. this load is finally getting the accuracy i have been looking for in my model 7. book velocity is 3100 fps

as with all load data must work your loads up carefully looking for signs of pressure at every step. i take no responsibility for this published data and you use it at your own risk :D


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thanks for the info guys just in the process of loading some diffferent bullet weights with h 414 and reloader 15 let you know the results
shortly .


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bullet report. sierra pro hunter 120 gr 7mm

hi guys,
i took my newly loaded 7mm08 rounds. recipe. remmy brass all full length resized trimmed to length and chamfered.

sierra prohunter 120 gr spitzer. cci large rifle primers. 45.5 gr of H4895.

Shoots 1 inch groups at 100 yards. finally the accuracy i have been looking for from the short barrelled model 7.

tried it on game today. the excellant accuracy paid off. all animals chest shot bar one neck shot. all animals including some big lowland hinds dropped to shot.

all creatted a good wound channel and exitted. no fragmentation was evident.

conclusion - the prohunter performed well.

as with all load data must work your loads up carefully looking for signs of pressure at every step. i take no responsibility for this published data and you use it at your own risk

i find it very hard to see when i will use anything else.



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hi swampy glad to hear you have found a nice load mate
loaded up 7 batches last night 120 and 140 grain loads
h414 and rel 15 just got to get out and try them .
what length barrel on your model 7 mate
will let you know how it goes pete.


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model 7

my model 7 has a 18.5 inch barrel. the huge muzzle flash i was getting with re19 suggested that the powder wasn't getting burned in the barrel so i moved to faster powder and lighter bullet.

it is a shame you don't live closer. i have some 130gr speers with 42gr N140 (same poi as the 120 gr and H4895) and some 145s loaded with re19. You could come up and have a good old testing session.



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steve thanks for the offer mate talked to a guy from norman
clarks 2day and he recomended the sieras your using for your
best load 120 grain i will do the testing and just hope i get similar
results as yourself .
will let you know how it goes pete.


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I have noticed the 130 gr speer with 42 gr of N140 has the same point of impact as the 120 gr sierra with 45.5 gr h4895. I would like a chrono to check the velocities but santa is bringing me an FN mauser action so i don't think that will happen.



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Hi guys,
i have only tried one type of bullet in my sako 75 in 7mm 08
and after a bit of fiddling settled on nosler 140g ballistic silver tips, cci large rifle primers, reloader 19(47 grain) and sako brass.
use them on red regularly and had very good results even with a bit of error in shot placement. although roe does not agree with them on shoulder shots!!
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