loads for Tikka T3

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has anyone got any favourite loads for the T3? Not for deer! Fox mainly
It might save me a lot of experimenting :lol:
trying 38 gr of varget with 70gr noslers tomorrow. It's just a minimum load, but hoping its a good one
Hi mate both my rifles are tikka t3 and i found the .222 hates anything over ,50graines aparently the twist rate is not sutable for the heavier bullets my 308 also seems to suffer this problem


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My favourite fox load for my T3 in .243 cal was 46gn H414, lit by Federal primer, pushing 75gn Vmax.

This is reaching the top of specs for that powder, but showed no signs of over pressure in my rifle and was superbly accurate.

I started working up from 42gn powder to be on the safe side.


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I've got a Tikka T3 in .243 and it seamed to like 75grn Hornady HP and H4350 powder lite by CCI 200 Benchrest Primer's unfortunalty I lost the load data with my computer so you'll have to have a play but it was a real tack driver of a load, pleasent to shoot and put shot after shot in through the same hole at 100m.

If you can get hold of the a Hornday Reloading manual that what I used. For H4350 use between 42.9 gr 3100FPS and absolute Max load of 46.7gr 3400fps. I'd advise to stay below the max just to be on the safe side.


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I have just got my T3 in .243 and have only put RWS 100grn factory ammo through it, so far very good so looking forwards to what I can load I have a box of Speer 105grn ready in the cupboard.



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Let us know how you get on with them, 105gr bullet's are supose to difficult to stabalise in .243 rifles unless the rifle's got a twist rate of at least 1 in 10 or less.I think the TIkka might be able to do it.



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How very dare you!
You know I use the 25-06 on the bigger beasts!!
.243 spot on for the Roe and Fox.

Down on Sunday pm see you there if your out.



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speer 105 gr and on choosing a rifle for twist rate

They are a good bullet, i have used them and found them good on roe. although i am generally using hornady 1nterlock as i have found them easier to get hold of. I have to say that i don't use the 243 on deer at all now. it is going on loan to my cousin.

the twist rate thing can be quite crucial. i dealt with a bloke who applied for 2 x 223 rifles. he had one for foxing but when he took it north found it wouldn't stabalise a heavier bullet for roe stalking. It's a good job it was me that was the feo. it would have been like talking a different language to most bobbies.

the way i work it is

1 what am i going to shoot- what is a reasonable calibre and bullet wieght for this (i look for a bullet that is in the middle of the wieght range for the calibre)

2 look at rifles i can afford and with a twist rate that suits the bullet that i want to shoot. this might take a bit of research on 'tinternet.

3 go and look at one and buy one i like i consider barrel length and carry-about-ability of the rifle. the rifle make is not really important. i have a good look at the rifle and look down the barrel with a barrel scope (if the shop has one)

4 when i get it home i clean the barrel properly and then go and shoot it.

over the years it has become a bit of a ritual!

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