Loden Binocular Harness by Mjoelner Hunting

John Gryphon

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Mate mailed me today with the link,I have never heard of them and told him so but did say that "i will ask the Poms,they know whats what"

So fellas yes or no?
He wants to get away from the fully enclosed type.


Paul 600

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It looks like the same principle as the S4 lockdown John. It leaves the sides open to the elements even when closed.

That one in the pic looks like the front is tucked under the rear?

My Binos got coverd in mud if you crawled on your belly with the S4.



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Looks like the same design as what Harkila do:


Terrible design, either KUIU or FHF is the way to go.

John Gryphon

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Ah you miserable old git Tozz ha ha.

Seriously it looks the goods for that price but he wants a design that doesnt allow it to swing forward when crawling through the bush on a close stalk.
I cant see enough of it in the pic Tozz to answer that..over to you.


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This John its elasticated so holds the binos in the harness to my ahem " girth" 🤣.
So they don't swing about ,the 2 work together well imho .
And the they were only 7.99 when I bought them but then dad always said I was a bit frugal 🤫


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Here you go John


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