Loin of vension, cream, brandy and mushroom sauce.


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Whenever I introduce someone to venison I always cook this dish. No one has ever left a scrap!!!


>Loin 6-8oz per person.
>Handful of mushroom's per person, I use the Sainsburys Taste the difference wild mushroom pack about £1.80ish.
>Double cream
>Dijon mustard
>Sea salt
>Black pepper
>Knob of butter


>Heat frying pan until ridiculously hot!!! Coat all meat in veg oil. Sear on all sides until good colour is seen. About 2-3 minutes in total.
>Remove loin from pan and wrap in tin foil and put in warm oven whilst preparing the sauce, this will allow the meat to rest and continue cooking slightly.
>Add butter to the pan and cook mushrooms for 1-2 minutes
>Add good glug of brandy and set alight. (Step back at this stage if you value your eyebrows) Wait until all flames have died
>Add roughly 200ml of double cream and stir, it will thicken immediately!
>Take foil wrapped venison out of the oven and add any meat juices to the sauce.
>Add 1 1/2 teaspoon of Dijon mustard and stir in well. Adjust seasoning to taste.
>Slice venison into thick slices, arrange on plate and spoon on sauce.

I serve mine with potato wedges, roasted with onions and garlic. Side veg of savoy cabbage with caramalised red onions!!

From fridge to plate is less than 30 minutes, great quick meal. Cheap to make as long as you have a good bottle of Cognac in the cupboard ready!
Mines a Remy Martin VSOP.

Let me know what you think when you try it.




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Sounded great, until you mentioned garlic.
I`ll definately be trying this one but without the stinking bulb!!
It`s only the daughter in law,grandson and myself that like venison. Our favourite veg is cauliflower and broccolli when we have venison.
I can taste it all ready. :D