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I Like the long range head shot bunny hunting & I have a 1522 .22WMR Anschutz with a 8 x 56 Swaro on it .. But I feel I need more mag at long range, I love the Swaro at low light .....but if only I could just get more mag without compromising the clarity & light gathering attributes of the Swaro that would be I deal !
I cant really justify a z6 on a .22 rimmy.... can I???? What mag would I need to go up to for say 150 yds???
Any suggestions?... I'd like to stick with Zeiss/Swaro or a S & b


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nemesis 8 x mag should be plenty for head shots at 150 yds , i used to regularly head shoot rabbits at 280m--325m with a S&B 8x56 with L3 ret what i found was it was more about practice practice practice know your bullet trajectory

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I swapped my Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 for a Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50 BTR Mil Ret for shooting bunnies @ 300yds+ on my .204, I was dubious as the Zeiss was an excellent scope but the Bushnell is just as good.


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not for me at 150 yds it isnt!
Maybe a reticle change would be more appropriate???

I'm with you on this. a bunnies head looks small at 150 yrds on 8 mag.

I believe in making things as easy as possible for yourself, and being able to put the cross hair on the target and quarter it, will not only make it easier, but gives you more confidence on the shot.

I would look at 12 mag minimum , but preferably higher.

One last point don't give up optical quality for more mag - you can have both

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8 should get you to 150. I've got a 4-12x50 z3 on my .223 and that was enough mag to shoot a rabbit at 346 yards.
Ive shot 250yard crows with my Swarovski 8x56 before now.

Once you get that far out, it's kinder on the bunnies to go for body shots anyway incase you shoot the front of his face off.


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Why not put a Z6 on it?....I have a Z6i BT on my stalking Rifle and often think it would be of more use on my .22RF when head shooting Rabbits and Squirrels etc.......


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I have been offered a 6-24 x50 Swaro...... would you reckon that would do the business??


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i had a 6.5-20 VX3 Leupold on my WMR for a while

overkill to be honest but nice scope never the less
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