Long time shooter, first time stalker


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Hi All,

I'm a Londoner born and bred, with a passion for the forest from my youth spent running wild round Epping Forest. I've also been a shooter for over half my life now, tried my hand at pretty much every type of target out there, but mostly Target Rifle (up to 1k) and shotgun.

I've been interested in stalking and hunting for the larder for a couple of years now, but never "got round to" getting out of the city and getting set up for it - until this year. Because I died in January (by all rights I should be a turnip!) and that kind of experience makes you want to re-prioritise your life. So I'm going to turn my experience and skills with giant-heavy-guns-with-iron-sights to something a little different and sustainable to help the environment and help the table!

I am aware that while I'm confident with target rifle, any advice on where to start in terms of practical skills, where around London is good for DSC1 training, syndicates/training opportunities/good value stalking etc will be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to getting to know you all, and wish everyone the best of shooting for the future!