looking for 150 gr ballistic tips


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Anyone know where I can get Norma or Federal 150gr ballistic tips in 308?

Preferably Borders/ central belt/ Fife/ Perthshire.


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Robbie at Anglers Choice in Dundee has started to stock firearms & components. Might be worth giving him a call if you're likely to be up this way? 01382 811211 :thumb:


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Problem now solved. At least for now!

I do love the half assed stories RFDs come up with for why they're incapable of managing their supplies.

In the space of two days, I have been told that nosler are having production problems; that shipping companies are refusing to carry ammunition; that norma have gone into the US market, so are sending their entire production there; that federal are still overwhelmed by pentagon orders etc etc etc.

And then walked into a shop who said 'oh yes - we have 10s of boxes, of every popular flavour. Supply problens? No - ordered last month and arrived without hassle'.