Looking for a Buck on a new bit of land..........

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I was going to go for a wander around a farm just up the road from me where there are a few deer,and plenty of foxes,but,the farmers young boy and some of his friends were camping out in one of the fields,and,having a bit of a party.I showed my face at the farmhouse,and,the farmer said,why don't you go up my brothers land,as he had just cut around the field of wheat,and,there may well be a buck about.Well off I went,as it's only a mile up the road.It is a field of approximately 60acres(guess)and,it sort of rolls along with lots of highs and lows,and,it butts up against a bit of woodland......I felt quite optimistic as I skirted around the bottom of the field.I stopped every few yards to glass the area,but,saw nothing.Half way up the woodland side,I saw a russet body,so,I dropped to my knees,and,I checked through the binos,and,it was a Roe doe on her own.I just had a good feeling that there might be a Buck around,so I kept low,and,set the bipod in readiness just incase.She started to walk down the side of the wheat towards me,and,kept stopping and looking into the wood edge,as if there was something there.Surely,I thought it must be a Buck that is following her every move,just as I was.I always feel very privileged to be able to watch these beautiful beasts at close range,and,she was about 20yds away now.The problem was,it was quickly getting dark,so,I made the decision to carry on around to see if there was anything else about.As I moved off,the doe bounced off into the wheat stopping to see if I was following every now and again.I was just rounding the top corner when I saw a dark shape close to the edge of the crop,it was Charlie nosing the mown grass,probably looking for a chopped up mouse that he was going to have for supper.I slowly dropped to my knees,and,got the rifle ready on the bipod,it was getting dark by now,so,I dropped the magnification down to 3 x ,and,he appeared lovely and bright in the Shmidt & Bender scope.I slid the safety off,and,as I did,he started to move away,so,I gave a small squeek,and,he turned to look at me,and,CRACK as the 100grn Remington accutip left the rifle and THWACK as the bullet found it's mark.He just fell where he stood,and,he didn't even flinch.I wasn't necessarily out for a fox,but,they have to be taken at any opportunity as the farmer wants them gone.This was the first time I had been on this field,and,I have a very good feeling that it will produce a few Bucks before the end of the season,and,I am sure that when the wheat is cut,there will be even more of our red friends.Anyway,I took a leg home for the ferts,and,they are ripping it apart as I type this..........everyone is happy(apart from Charlie I suppose)but,as they say....'You can't make an omelette without breaking an egg'



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"Sorry, but just what was the point of that second picture?" said the mole.
For me it was a closeup of the devastation done by that round. Very convincing.


Well i think we all know what a good quality centre fire bullet can do i am with mole on this to put a empty case jamming the mouth open is not really respecting your quarrie. BUT HEY EACH TO THERE OWN.


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6.5 x 55 said:
Well i think we all know what a good quality centre fire bullet can do i am with mole on this to put a empty case jamming the mouth open is not really respecting your quarrie. BUT HEY EACH TO THERE OWN.

That is a very bold statement towards a person that you do not know from Adam my friend,I respect every living thing,and,that especially goes for the animals that I cull.It is something that I have done for the camera,but,it certainly doesn't follow that I do not resect the life that I had just taken.Have you never seen a shot Boar with a broken branch keeping it's mouth open.......does it also follow that the perpetrator doesn't respect that animal either,I don't think so_Or,when a stalker takes a photograph of the stags head after it has been decapitated,does he/she not respect the animal,I don't think so.It is very easy to judge someone form the other end of a computer link,but,it is also very easy to be wrong.If someone shoots a fox,he then has a carcase on his/her hands to dispose of,well,I can say with a certain amount of confidence,that the majority get thrown into a thick hedge or a ditch.I myself usually take the rear legs for the ferrets.Which one of us is doing the fox a disservice,or,disrespecting the animal??Neither I would suggest.
I do hope I don't upset you with anymore of my posts,but,if you are that upset,then I suggest you give my posts a wide berth,and,of course,if the Admin/Moderators are unhappy with them then they can always delete them along with my account...................Martin.

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I'm sorry (this time I mean it) that my one-liner has provoked this kind of upset but must return 6.5's support to it - he's clearly touched a raw nerve. I'm one of those people who doesn't think it's necessary to post close-up pics of exit wounds, and it was the cartridge case jammed in the mouth which sealed it for me. Think how it looks to a non-shooter.

For the record, I'm not that keen on pics of decapitated heads either, although I have no issues with the same thing on the wall once properly mounted. Hypocritical? I don't think so, but that's my take on things.

As 6.5 says, each to their own. We are all entitled to our own opinions - that's mine, but I'll respect others (within reason!).


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here goes, firstly i dont see too much wrong in showing an exit wound on a site like this. if people come onto this site then they should expect as much. if you were to log on to "big mammas huge great jubblies" porn site then you would probably expect to see big mama with her attributes showing. no shock there then.
ive shot well over 300 wild boar while in oz ,and stopped counting then, but only have 4 pictures of dead boar. photography of dead stuff isnt for me or posing with dead stuff for that matter . but, that said, i respect remingtons right to post such shots should he choose.
the spent case in the mouth? a little crass for some , but i really dont think a personal attack on a fellow hunter is warranted.
fighting on the site will surely divide us and divided we can be conquered.
if people really have a gripe with another members post then perhaps a pm would be a better way of telling the bloke what you think.
also , any telling off may be better left to the mods.

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The Mole said:
Think how it looks to a non-shooter.

I'm not sure that this constant playing off the back foot, is a good thing for the 'shooting community'. If we can accept that all of us have differing views about what is and isn't to our taste, regarding trophy images, surely it is not unreasonable to expect the same from the 'non-shooting' community?

If we constantly moderate reality in a desperate attempt to appease real and imagined opposition to what we do, inevitably most people will come to the conclusion that we have something to apologise for - and are therefore 'wrong doers'.

The 'positive' messages from such a picture could be:
* Fox control with appropriate firearms is humane (quite obviously that animal was dead the moment the projectile arrived.)
* Despite the propaganda, foxes do not exist on a diet of slugs, worms and tofu. You only evolve canines like that if you are a serious hunter/killer with a capital K.
* Guns are not toys and shooting living things is not glamorous, sexy or 'big'.

If we gave enough money to the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi we could have a PR profile better than Mother Theresa's!
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